Top Ten Plant Hanger Patterns to Try Now

Macramé plant hangers stole our hearts in the 70’s and they are here to stay. These are our top ten, favorite, DIY plant hanger patterns. Which one will you make first?

1. The Summer Goals Plant Hanger

Summer Goals Plant Hanger

Keep the winter blues away with our Summer Goals plant hanger. This bohemian style hanger features leather cylinder beads, handmade by the Haiti Design Collective. Knotted here in our Natural 5mm, we hope you’ll pick whichever color makes you reminisce on the sweet days of summer. Available as a pattern download or kit.

2. Hanging Garden

The Hanging Garden macramé plant hanger pattern

The vertical eden has withstood the test of time as one of our community’s favorite patterns to date! Perfect for knotters who have already had their go at a single plant hanger and are ready to put their skills to the test. Pick four of your favorite, potted flora and give them an upgrade with our Hanging Garden pattern. Need materials? We've collected everything together in this shopping list.

3. Beginner Plant Hanger

Beginner Plant hanger macramé pattern

Here’s to keeping it classic! This plant hanger can be styled in just about any space and it’s perfect for novice knotters looking to make their first macramé project. This easy pattern is your first step to a DIY, home jungle! Check out our 5 color options for the ready to make kit as well!

4. Double Plant Hanger

Macramé double plant hanger with ceramic bead pattern

For when one plant simply won’t do, this plant hanger is double the fun! Joined in the center around a ceramic bead, this hanger is perfect for spaces with taller ceilings or for plant lovers who are running out of flat surfaces for their green friends. Learn how to make this pattern in Emily Katz’ book: Modern Macramé: 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home. Order your copy here.

Not sure you want to knot this up yourself? We have one ready to hang, made just for you in our Samples Shop

5. Nature Channel Plant Hanger

Nature Channel boho macramé plant hanger

Contrasted with a terracotta pot, we love how this dark plant hanger pops against a light wall. This pattern implements a brass ring to separate the arms of the hanger to create a more spacious look. This is a simple take on the classic hanger with a unique twist to keep things fresh. Knot this up following our step by step pattern in the Modern Macramé book by Emily Katz, available here.

6. Beaded Plant Hanger

Beaded macramé plant hanger with jute

An ode to macramé of the 70s, this jute hanger is knotted up with handmade, wood beads and takes us back to the days of bell bottoms and Fleetwood Mac. The best part of this time traveling project is that Jute rope has gotten a lot softer since the 70s! Have you tried ours yet? Order your cord here and get knotting along with this pattern, found in the Modern Macramé book.  

The remaining four, favorite plant hangers are from some of our favorite crafters! It’s so fun to venture beyond the Modern Macramé team to see what creative takes there are on the beloved plant hanger. 

7. Leather Plant Hanger by Lia Griffith

Lia Griffith Leather Plant Hanger

We love a leather handbag, why not a leather plant hanger? Lia Griffith has the details on this modern approach to a plant hanger here. 

8. Plant Hanger by Soulful Notions

Soulful Notions Macrame Plant Hanger

Our favorite part of this plant hanger are the square knots tied in the round at the top! Check out the full tutorial here.

9. Fringy Plant Hanger by Honestly WTF

Fringy plant hanger

Because who doesn’t go crazy for a healthy dose of fringe! We love this boho hanger. Follow along on how to knot it up yourself here

10. T-Shirt Macramé Hanger by A Beautiful Mess

T-shirt plant hanger

This is the pattern for when you need a last minute gift but want it to put your handmade love into it! Using an old t-shirt, you can knot up your next plant hanger with this short and sweet pattern.