About us

Modern Macramé stands for quality craft materials, inspirational content, and our wonderful community.

Emily Katz

Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Author

Emily has taught macramé to thousands around the globe, from private lessons, to beautifully curated workshops, to team building for creative companies. Her aim is to not only share her love of this simple craft, but also inspire people to be better versions of themselves.

Emily has been featured in Forbes, The LA Times, London Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, Nylon Magazine, Ku:nel, Popeye Magazine, and Elle Japan, Elle NL, and Elle France to name a few.

Her first book, Modern Macramé, 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home, was released by Ten Speed Press in May 2018.

Modern Macramé grew out of Emily's observation of a lack of accessible and high quality materials for crafters and fiber artists, and so in 2014, the company was born.

Now with the birth of her baby in March of 2022, Emily is redesigning how she brings herself to her work, while supporting all of you, her beloved customers.

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Our Values


Creativity goes beyond the materials we choose and the projects we create. It means more than just making beautiful things; it is how we think about the act of making, how we choose to spend our time and how we share our light with the world. It is in the music that we love, the art we experience, the nature that nourishes us.

We share our passion for craft with playfulness, curiosity and imagination. Our world is a better place when we create together with courage, intention and delight. In an effort to nourish creativity in our communities, we extend our knowledge as a resource to you.


From the beginning, Modern Macramé has been about that moment of delight when you “get it” during a workshop. You see the connection of how the knots work together to make art out of rope. You feel activated and uplifted to make something in your own unique way.

Our resources and tools are here to help guide you on your journey of making. We love designing fiber art that pushes the boundaries of what you have seen before to what you can only dream.

From our first macramé tent, made in 2013, to our best selling book, Modern Macramé: 33 Stylish Projects For Your Handmade Home, our work is not just about fiber art but the dream of crafting a more intentional and beautiful life.


We hand select the highest quality DIY supplies from around the world and offer them to you with care, intention and integrity. We want you to love shopping with us and that each step of your experience is filled with delight.

We are creating accountability to the standards we strive to uphold and are proud to create products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our dream is to be THE go-to, trusted partner for all your DIY needs.


We prioritize sustainable practices and materials and weigh each decision against our goals of being better for the planet. That’s one reason we chose to bring our fulfillment back in house, to divest from supporting companies whose giving doesn’t align with our values.

We ship all of our goods to you in 100% recycled cartons and mailers and try to eliminate plastic whenever possible. We are working on initiatives to offer more recycled, organic and upcycled materials, and move away from conventional cotton altogether as well as support more domestic manufacturing.

To be here for the long haul, our planet has to thrive along with us and that is why we are making steps to becoming a B Corp.


We believe in your potential.

Our operation depends on lifting each other up. Our intention is to do this throughout every aspect of our company.

We do this by providing our team members a living wage and health care. By empowering each person to do work that lights them up. Through supporting featuring artists and designers from around the globe and collaborating with brands and makers who align with our values and dreams for a better world.

We do not exist without your success. We thrive when you thrive.

Our Team

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