New Pattern! Fringe Dreams Wall Hanging

Learn to make a wall hanging with our patterns! 12mm cotton ropeWe have been working hard to get new patterns to you before the holiday season so you can make gifts for others (and yourself), and we are excited to launch the pattern for our favorite wall hanging, Fringe Dreams. 

This wall hanging was an early one I made when we first started the company. I found a great piece of driftwood, and used only one spool of 12mm cotton rope. This rope is really fun to work with, since it knots up pretty quickly. 

Fringe Dreams Wall Hanging pattern Modern Macrame Learn DIY

It uses only one spool of our 12mm cord. You can buy it in 100' lengths or 500' lengths. 

Click here to buy the brand new pattern. Or, if you don't want to make it yourself, we can make it for you and have a listing for them up on the site here.