Meowcramé: Cats and Macramé

We are animal lovers here at Modern Macramé, and ever since our founder Emily Katz adopted her new kitten Merlynn, we’ve had cats on our minds. 

Kitten Merlin

Last week on Instagram, we asked for pictures of your cats with macramé and what we got in turn was quite the cat’s meow. Wherever you’re at in your day, let’s take a paws and admire some kitties looking purrfect with these knotty creations.


Paws and Purrs
Paws, Purrs and Plants… a playful paradise! Photo courtesy of @larksandleo

Orange, black and white cat taking a cat nap next to macramé
Time for a cat nap! Photo courtesy of @hannah.genevieve

Black cat all tangled up in macramé rope
We've got a cat's cradle here! Our rope is just as fun for our furry friends as it is for us! Photo courtesy of 

Pensive cat looks at macramé ropes
What do you think this pensive feline is thinking? Cat’s got your tongue? No worries, we asked for captions on IG and have been hiss-terically laughing at all that were sent in! Photo courtesy of @lemon_works
So much string, so little time!  
I’ve been training all my life for this!  
Which string to pull first? 
OMG human! Thanks for the new toy, it’s awesome! 
This is my kind of knot! 
It will be my favorite toy from now on!  
It’s a masterpiece... created for me to destroy… right?  
Should I or Shouldn’t I? 

Cat next to a macramé wall hanging
Pawdon me, but this snap is almost too flawless for words! Photo courtesy of @madboho

Louie the Cat next to a macramé wall hanging
Little Louie, looking fluffy and sweet next to this lovely wall hanging by @makemacrame 

Macramé cat hanger
Looking like the cat that got the cream… or should we say the cat that got the boho hammock of his dreams!? Photo courtesy of @thebeesbooth

Luna the cat next to her macramé wall hanging
This little lady is named Luna! Here she is with the Luna Wall Hanging, by @nicoleskorner.

Bob the Cat with a macramé coaster and plant
Bob the cat keeps it cool next to this coaster! Photo courtesy of @jennabrown

Black cat in a macramé hanger
This little princess showing off her paws and looking purrfect in her hammock. Photo courtesy of @_verknotet

Have some photos of your own to share? We LOVE seeing your pets posing with your ropes! Tag us @modernmacrame to share.  Have a wonderful day, and remember to take time to play!