5 Tips For Macramé Beginners

5 Tips For Macrame Beginners- Modern Macrame

Discovering macramé and being inspired to learn is such an amazing feeling, but it can also be overwhelming when you actually sit down and try to figure out how to start. Today we’re sharing our top 5 tips for macramé beginners.


Start With Basic Knots

There are so many different knots which may seem confusing to learn if you’re new to the game. We suggest you start with a couple basic patterns and knots to get your technique down. A good first knot to learn is a simple square knot. This knot is the very basis of most of the macramé out there these days, and a wonderfully easy beginner knot to try. This knot is one that everyone learns in our workshops! On our blog we have videos that guide you through many basics for free.

Next, choose a basic beginner pattern, like this one. Or if you prefer a kit, we have those for you as well with all the basics you need to get started.

5 Tips For Macrame Beginners- Modern Macrame

Attend A Workshop

Teaching yourself is fun, but if you have any in your area we suggest you attend a workshop. You get to connect with so many like minded people and even leave with not only your very own completed work of art, but also new friends!

Modern Macramé offers virtual and in person workshops locally in Portland and around the world. To see if we are coming to a city near you, check out our Workshops page for upcoming events. Have a hard time committing to a date? We also offer pre-recorded workshops for you to take at home whenever is convenient for you!


5 Tips For Macrame Beginners- Modern Macrame

Save Your Left Over Cord

While you’re learning you will may have a few try, and try agains. And getting the length of the cord JUST right can be your biggest obstacle. You never want to little cord since it can be complicated to add extra to your piece. We always suggest you err on at least 10% more than you think you will need, just to be safe. 

In our Modern Macramé book, we have a detailed step by step equation for how to determine how much rope you need for your macramé. You can also check out our blog post here.

This is in mind, you might end up with extra cord at the end of your project! Not to worry! We recommend saving all of your left over cord. You can incorporate the used cord into future projects.

5 Tips For Macrame Beginners- Modern Macrame

Learn Online

If you aren't able to meet us in person at a workshop, watching online tutorials is the second best thing. We have a growing library of video tutorials, a YouTube channel and dozens of inspired patterns to choose from. 

Have Fun

Expressing your creativity through macramé is one of the best parts of the journey! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Let your creativity take the lead and you will end up with a unique and beautiful piece!

5 Tips For Macrame Beginners- Modern Macrame

Be sure to share your work with us on Instagram!  Do you have any tips that you want us to share? Please comment below and Happy Knotting!