How to Unwind Rope and String Bundles

So many of you have written in to ask about the best way to unwind bundles of 4mm and 5mm to make cuts! Check out how we do that here at Modern Macramé.

Have follow up questions? Our Craft Help hotline is here for you. Email us at and we'll help get your rope all straightened out!

Need to brush up on the basic knots? Check out our tutorials here: 

The Square Knot

The Larks Head Knot 

The Reverse Larks Head Knot 

The Spiral or Half Knot (HK)

The Horizontal Double Half Hitch (HDHH)

The Vertical Double Half Hitch (VDHH)

There you have it! Now you’ve got the skills to get going on your macramé journey.