How do you tie a Square Knot?

Know no knots? No worries! It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the six foundational knots of Macramé. Though there are many hundreds of knots in the universe of rope craft, these six are the knots that compose almost all macramé projects. Master these simple knots, and their names*, with the aid of our video tutorials and you will be knotting with confidence in no time. 

*Abbreviations for these techniques are included parenthetically and are how these knots will be referred to in written patterns. 

The Square Knot (SK)

The Square Knot is the building block of macramé and is the knot you may find yourself using most. It can create interlocking mesh or columns (called sinnets) or geometric shapes depending on how you employ it. Square knots are easy to learn and versatile! See for yourself:

Learn the rest of the knots here: 

The Larks Head Knot 

The Reverse Larks Head Knot 

The Spiral or Half Knot (HK)

The Horizontal Double Half Hitch (HDHH)

The Vertical Double Half Hitch (VDHH)

There you have it! Now you’ve got the skills to get going on your macramé journey.