Crafting During Covid19

At Modern Macramé we believe wholeheartedly in the therapeutic power of handcraft and we are not alone. Increasingly, experts are linking fiber art activities (such as macramé, knitting, crochet, etc) to a sense of well-being in the crafter. Our evidence isn’t based in hard science, it is anecdotal evidence; in our years of experience as knotters, knitters, crafters and artists we know well the feeling of peace and calm that envelopes us when we focus deeply on a creative project. Even when we are stuck on a knot we can’t master or a stitch that eludes us, we are keeping other triggers at bay; the news is off, the mood music is on and we are focused on the task at hand. 

As we head into the winter in a highly unusual year you may want to keep yourself busy with a new activity, one that activates the problem-solving part of your brain while providing you with a sense of serenity as you knot yourself into a flow state. If you haven’t tried macramé or other fiber arts but have wanted to give it a go, we are here to help! Here are the projects we recommend for crafting in isolation as we all do our part to stay safe, stay serene and stay together even when we are far apart.

DIY Wall Hanging Kit

DIY Macramé Wall Hanging Kit

If you are an absolute beginner, with no prior experience in fiber art, this is where you should begin! This kit comes with everything you need to make your own macramé wall hanging including easy to read instructions describing how to make each knot. Knotting, you’ll find, is a very meditative pastime and it is accessible to anyone regardless of skill level. One appealing aspect of knotting is that almost all macramé patterns are made up of just two knots, the Square Knot and the Half Hitch, and everything else is a variation on those simple building blocks. Learn the basics and embark on your craft journey!

Summer Goals Plant Hanger Kit

Summer Goals Macramé Plant Hanger

The perks of this stylish project are two fold: you will get to lose yourself in a fun, beginner level macramé project and create a cradle for a house plant; which themselves have been linked to health and well being! House plants remove toxins from the air in your home, improve productivity and mental acuity, and help us to relax. If you have not yet welcomed a houseplant into your life, now is the time and there’s no better way to display one than in a macramé hanger! Simple, elegant and embellished with handmade beads, this plant hanger kit includes everything you need to get started, which makes it great for newbies. 

If plants are your thing and just one hanger isn’t enough, try making a multi-pot plant hanger to accommodate even more flora in your indoor, garden sanctuary. We recommend the Hanging Garden pattern

Knitted Wash Cloth

Knitted Washcloth over bathtub

We discovered that our 2mm string is not only wonderful to knot with, it is fabulous to knit with! Soft and spooled in 1000’ feet bundles you’ll have plenty of material to knit to your heart’s delight. Knitting is a deeply meditative and rewarding craft and if you haven’t tried it, we highly recommend you do. You will need one bundle of 2mm string, size 8 knitting needles and basic knitting skills to whip up this ever-so-simple washcloth and the pattern itself is FREE! The fabric that this string creates is plush, soft and is just as good at washing your face as it is at scrubbing your dishes. 

Sunburst Basket

Sunburst Basket and a bundle of 5mm Wheat Rope

This year we collaborated with one of our favorite authors and fiber artists, Anne Weil of Flax and Twine on the Sunburst Basket. Using one bundle of our 5mm rope and one skein of Anne’s Daytime Linen, she designed this decorative basket pattern for us! Basket coiling is an ancient craft practiced cross culturally for millenia and if you have ever been interested in trying your hand at it, this is a great place to begin. The twining technique in this project is relatively easy to pick up and requires little previous fiber arts experience. The result will provide you with a beautiful art object and better still, a sense of accomplishment!

Snowball Garland Kit/Pattern

Snowball Garland

Have you ever made a pom-pom? When it comes to stress relief, these playful orbs of fluff are just what the doctor ordered. Contemporary artists have used pom-poms to communicate joy, humor and the essential materiality of yarn itself, for decades: from Sheila Hicks to the Apomogy project. Why not try it for yourself! Easy, quick, a great use of 2mm string and any other scrap yarn you have laying around, this garland is perfect for holiday decorating or for any occasion or room that needs a playful moment. These poufs are sure to add joy and reverie to your domicile and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Check out the kit here- which includes the pattern for free!

Modern Macramé: 33 Stylish Projects for your Handmade Home

Modern Macramé Book: 33 Stylish Projects for your Handmade Home

A source of instruction, inspiration and expertise, Emily’s book, Modern Macramé: 33 Stylish Projects for your Handmade Home, will guide you through every step of the knotting process. And you won’t just learn to knot, you’ll learn to nest! As we all spend more time inside, we are  given the opportunity to turn our houses into homes with loving care and intention. We believe that it is in the handmade moments that a room comes to life; a delicately knotted placemat, a plant in a hanger, the fringe of a curtain sash. These details enrich our intimate spaces and activate our imaginations. Ignite your creativity as you fan through this rich source of information; patterns, styling tips, color stories, and easy-to-read photo tutorials. There are enough projects within to keep you knotting well into springtime. 

Be well and happy knotting! With love and hope,

Emily and the Modern Macramé Team

Still searching for the perfect project to keep your hands busy during times of uncertainty? Drop us a line! Craft Help is eager to help you navigate the fiber arts landscape and get you working on something that inspires you. Email for all your craft queries!

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