An Intentional Gift Guide

This holiday season we are all about self care and taking time to slow down. I found that spending time making macramé centers me and reminds me to take stock of all the things in life that really matter.

I like to create a nice space for myself to get started creating, filling the room with intention and focus. Here I share a few of my favorite brands and products that fill my home and studio with a sense of place and well being.

Golden door perfume by Crosby and Emily Katz

This year, I collaborated with Kelly of Crosby Elements on a Lifestyle scent called The Golden Door. It was inspired by travel, dreams, and empowered women. I spray it into my hair, on my clothes, on my sheets. The scent takes me on a journey everyday. We had it on my tour, and one of my favorite moments was in Atlanta. We were walking across the street to visit a friend for a tea ceremony, and the smiling mail carrier stopped me to ask what perfume I was wearing. She loved it. It was a super sweet moment.

Otherland Candles

Otherland is a new brand I recently learned about. I am always hesitant with candles because I am so sensitive to scents, but I was sent a package of three Otherland candles as a gift and I am in love with each one of them. They sent the Rattan,  Daybed, and Kindling, and each one has romantic text and incredible packaging and unboxing experience.

 June Botanicals June Botanicals
Jennifer Cox not only runs the behind the scenes at Modern Macramé (if you are a wholesale account you have emailed with her), but she also makes a line of high vibrational skincare called June Botanicals. I used both of these products on my tour and every time I applied the toner or snake oil felt like a quiet (and wonderfully smelling) moment of re-centering. She is also an advocate for me taking care of myself and I am so grateful for the support.


Catherine RisingI burn sage or palo santo every day. Sometimes it is before I make a piece of art, sometimes it is to clear the room after a stressful exchange, sometimes it is just to bring myself into the present moment. I have spoken before about Catherine Rising, they gifted us beautiful crystal and palo santo bundles for some of our tour stops this summer. The rose petal wrapped bundles are my favorite. They would make a great stocking stuffer.


Gemisphere healing gemstonesBefore I founded Modern Macramé, I was the Art Director at my dad's company, Gemisphere. I even modeled for a campaign shot by Alicia Rose in Sedona and styled by my collaborator and dearest friend Anne Parker.

If you have heard about healing gemstones but don't know where to begin, Gemisphere is an amazing resource and sells the highest quality stones available. I wear them daily for different things I am currently experiencing. Quartz for focus, Lavender for alignment and Mother of Pearl for emotional fulfillment. Also, my sister styled a video shoot in the Modern Macramé studio this summer that is on the header of their site. Check them out. Using gemstones can be a wonderful way to align and center yourself.

Thanks for reading through my guide of centering and thoughtful gifts for yourself and others. More gift guides are coming throughout the week!

Stay tuned.