A Letter to Our Customers: We've dropped (most of) our prices!

To our wonderful customers,

In our mission to make materials accessible to all, we are SO excited to announce that we are lowering (most of) our prices for the same quality craft materials you've come to know and love.  

Take a moment to explore all of the new pricing on our products. And while you're at it, let us know what you think! After all, this decision was made with YOUR needs at the forefront of our minds. 

Modern Macramé Quality Cotton Rope and Cord, pictured with Leather Haiti Beads

A lot of factors go into how we price our crafting goods.... here's just a few things that factor into our rates: 

  • The cost to manufacture our rope from our supplier in Turkey. The 100% Oeko  Tex certified cotton raw material is purchased in bulk, and spun into string by a team of incredible women employed by the factory, all making living wages with time off and great working conditions.

  • The ocean freight that delivers our fabulous ropes here to Portland, Oregon, where our one woman shipping department sorts, packages and ships your orders to you.

  • The eco friendly choices we make as a company: like using recycled paper cones to spin the rope onto, our 100% recycled shipping boxes and poly mailers that we send your orders in, and our latest addition to our inventory: 100% recycled rope and cord.

  • The everyday costs of running a small women-owned and operated business that employs 5 wonderful gals full time with time off, health benefits, and living wages.

It's our hope that lowering our prices will make our materials more accessible to crafters around the globe, and empower the macramé community to choose to shop with a brand that cares about the Earth, about the sustainability and humanity of our supply chain, and the quality of the materials we offer. 

So go ahead, explore our new prices, and get to shopping knowing that you're supporting all of those wonderful initiatives while saving a bit along the way!

Emily and the Modern Macramé Team
Please note, price reductions will not apply to past orders.