Made by YOU: Our favorite customer creations of 2021

As the year comes to a close, we spent time celebrating our wins as a team here at Modern Macramé. Now it's time to celebrate YOU, our wonderful customers. We are always amazed by the care, artistry and love you put into your craft. We've collected 21 favorite creations from the past year to celebrate 2021 coming to a close.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your work on Instagram, in your product reviews, in our private Facebook Group and on Pinterest. 

Macramé Wall Hanging by Stacie Shafer
Wall hanging by @staciaschaeferdesign using 5mm cotton rope in Violet.

Wall Hanging by @staciaschaeferdesign

Wall hanging by @staciaschaeferdesign using 5mm cotton rope in Dark Gray and 9mm cotton string in Natural.

Nossboss_creations designs

"The designs featured are part of my first Aseobi collection made from repurposed Ankara fabric from my many Aseobi over the years." - Nosse of @nossboss_creations. Made with 5mm cotton rope in Copper, Goldenrod and Teal. 

Ells Macramé

Wall Hanging by @ellsmacrame using our 5mm cotton rope in Natural and Circle Brass Flat Beads and Square Brass Flat Beads

Ember and Ivory Co.

Dog toys, leashes and collars by using our 5mm rope (pictured in Mint), and dog neck scarves (we are crying at the cuteness) using 4mm string in Natural.
Cactus Lady Creation
This textured trio is by @cactusladycreation, using our 5mm rope in Natural and 9mm string in Natural, and one of our Metal Triangles.
PNW Macramé Wall Hanging
@pnw_macrame made our Gold Dust Woman wall hanging from the Modern Macramé book with a special Oregon twist: they tied rocks from the Oregon coast into the wall hanging! We love this personalized wall hanging.
Huxen Co. Wall Hanging
This wall hanging by @huxenandco really shows off just how lovely the thicker string looks. Made with our 9mm string in Natural.
Kristen Anne Fibers
@kristenanne___ knotted up these beautiful designs using our 9mm Copper String (pictured on the left) and 5mm cotton rope in Natural, Ocean, Copper, and Peach (pictured on the right).
@houseplanthacienda's Criss Cross Wrap
@houseplanthacienda's Criss Cross Wrap turned out so beautifully! Learn the Criss Cross Treasure Mesh Knot here.
Mayra D.
@mysolacedesign's extra large wall hanging uses our 5mm cotton rope in Natural and Wheat.
Bonfire Heart Co. Design makes dreamy wall hangings inspired by Mother Nature. We loves this these two the most! Made with 9mm string in Peach and 5mm rope in Peach  (right) and 5mm rope in Natural and 9mm String in Copper. 
Lisa R's Lunar Intentions
Lisa R. made the Lunar Intentions Wall Hanging with a creative colorway: 5mm rope in Coral and Light Pink, 4mm string in Ocean.
Bespoke macramé's plant hangers
@Bespokemacrame designed these eye-catching plant hangers using 5mm rope in Mustard and Blush and Natural Wood Beads.
Mimi and Macrame wall hanging
@mimi_n_macrame used our 4mm string in Natural to design this wall hanging entitled Earth, Water, Fire, Air all connected by a mountain range at the top.
Ally G Baker Design
@allygbakerdesign used our 5mm rope in Bright White to embellish her special day! We are so touched when our rope is a part of weddings and celebrations. Thanks Ally and congratulations!
Kristine Pollard Fiber Art
@kristine_pollard_fiberart is based here in the Pacific Northwest, and we love to see how the natural landscape influences her art. Made with 5mm rope in Natural (on left) and 2mm cotton string in Natural (on right).
Hannah Genevieve
@hannah.genevieve's Who Loves the Sun Wall Hanging turned out SO beautifully. Made with 4mm string in Natural and Light Gray. We love how she added her own flair to our design. 
Stranded by the Beach
@strandedbythebeach titled this piece Sadie, and gifted it to her daughter who she describes as "bright, joyful, happy, sweet, caring and thoughtful." How sweet! Made with 5mm rope in Sea Mist and Natural. 
Lily and Pine Crochet
@lilyandpinecrochet uses our 2mm string to make gorgeous crochet trivets. Here is a pair in Mustard and Natural.
We chose to end with this beautifully lit lantern using 4mm string by @blackee_808 to wish our community a 2022 full of light, fulfillment and joy. May the new year bring a renewed sense of purpose and lots of crafting!