Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Crafters, Artists, and More!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and we are here to help make gift giving easy and fun. Deck the halls with knotted garlands and stylish notions. Surprise your loved ones with the gift of craft. Share your holiday cheer in the form of fiber art! We’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide to help you shop small and make this holiday season one to remember with a dash of handmade, crafty care. 


Best Holiday Gifts for Crafting Moms

For Mom - Shop our thoughtful collection for the maternally minded here! 

  • Sunburst Basket Kit - Basket weaving is one of the most ancient textile processes. Basket weavers, historically, uses natural materials to create beautiful, useful vessels. With just a bundle of rope and a few simple sewing techniques, you or the mother in your life can explore this enriching craft. We love art of basket making and Mom will too.  
  • Modern Macramé: - 33 gifts in one book! Let mom pick her project from within the pages of Emily Katz’ book. Whether she loves to knot or just needs an inspiring coffee table book, this is THE gift! 
  • Lagoon Fiber Pack - Give the gift of inspiration with this cozy colorway, compiled with one of our favorite brands in mind, Block Shop Textiles. We picked this fiber bundle because it’s elegant, tasteful and soothing- just like mom. 
  • Four Eyes Sage Plant Hanger -  This handcrafted plant hanger was created by our founder, Emily Katz, a Mama to be! This ready-made macramé plant hanger is perfect for any plant mom. The handmade, ceramic beads by Four Eyes make this piece extra special adding to the special love and care that went into its creation. 
  • Cotton Frizz - Made from 100% recycled cotton, this multi-use fiber can be used for gift wrapping, weaving, macramé, or whatever Mom might need it for! 
  • 9mm String in Peach - A wonderfully exaggerated and opulent fiber, give Mom a color that reminds her of your love! With this peachy tone, she’s sure to feel your care for her as she knots. Need pattern ideas? Check out our Columns and Arches or Giant Knotted Diamond.
Nature Inspired Gifts for Crafters - Holiday Gift Guide

For the Nature-Inspired Crafter: Shop our earth-loving, eco-friendly collection here.

  • Modern Macramé e-Book: Skip the paper, skip the shipping, and gift this e-book to any knotter who’s looking to learn macramé while reducing their carbon footprint. 
  • Organic 5mm cotton rope: Our best-selling rope just got better. Did you know organic cotton produces around 46% less CO2e than conventional cotton? That's huge! Knot with your conscience when you knot with organic cotton. 
  • Hand Dyed by Anna Joyce: There’s something about naturally dyed fabric and fiber that just feels right. This book is an essential for anyone interested in learning the techniques for using natural materials to add a bit of color to their life. Pair it with a bundle of our cotton rope which is an ideal material for dyeing! 
  • 100% Recycled Plastic Rope: Plastic makes us cringe...until it’s transformed into a recycled crafting material! Each kilo (2.20 lbs) of rope recycles 40 plastic bottle and that’s something to celebrate. This durable and waterproof fiber is excellent for outdoor plant hangers, privacy screens, keychains, or any other project that needs to withstand the wear and tear of weather and everyday life. Available in 4mm and 2mm cord.
  • 6mm Recycled Cotton Rope: A two-ply cord, available in 3 colors, is a must have for any eco-conscious crafter! 
  • Empowered Crafter Tee: Nothing is more empowering than fighting for the health of the planet and this tee that says it all. Who is the Empowered Crafter in your life that NEEDS this top? 
  • Indie dye string: Hand dyed by Portland local, Andeea Rae, this organic cotton skein is a great match for anyone looking to work with an eco-friendly fiber. We are loving the Mom Jeans color blend!
Gift Guide for Small Business Supporters - Holiday Gift Guide

For the Small-Business Supporter: Heartfelt gift giving starts with the shop you buy it from. Shop the small business collection here. 

  • The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney:  In this ultra-stylish book, LA-based designer Justina Blakeney defines the New Bohemians as creative individuals who are boutique owners and bloggers, entrepreneurs and ex-pats, artists and urban farmers. Sound like your giftee? Then this book is for them! 
  • Create Your Own Universe Sweatshirt: Printed on an oh-so-soft organic hemp and cotton blend sweatshirt, the Create Your Own Universe mantra is meant for dreamers and doers, seeking extra magic in their everyday lives. 
  • Golden Door Perfume: Small-batch and hand-blended in Portland, OR by Crosby Elements in collaboration with Emily Katz, this perfume has rich and earthy notes of Neroli, Turmeric and Vetiver; elevated by aromas of Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Cocoa, Pink Peppercorn, Myrrh and Yuzu.
  • Moon Dominos: Created by our friends at Fredericks and Mae, these celestial tiles will bring friends and family together for a classic game of dominos or entertain younger kids with the simple joy of lining them up to watch them tumble down! 
  • Watercolor set + pad: Delight in the whimsy of watercolor! Give this special set to your favorite artist or inspire a friend to try their hand at a new crafting practice.
  • Cedar Rope Incense: This decorative and sensory piece is a thoughtful way to help a friend create ambiance in their art studio, spa or cozy reading nook. The scent of Cedar is ideal for any wintertime eve. 
  • Handmade Double Plant Hanger: Know someone who loves plants and macramé but hasn’t tied a knot before? Let us do the knotting work for you and give them a stunning double plant hanger. Pair it with a gift card to your favorite local plant shop to make it extra special! Handmade by Emily Katz.
Mindful Gifts for Crafters: Holiday Gift Guide

For the Mindful Maker: Shop our intentional and introspective goodies-n-gifts collection here.

  • Macramé Yoga Mat Sling: Give this to your asana-loving friend so they can tote their yoga mat from home to studio in handmade style. Knotted by Emily Katz. Want to make it yourself? Follow our pattern here.
  • Cedar Rope Incense: Know someone who needs an extra dose of relaxation? This incense is great for setting an air of peace for meditation, a bath or reading by the fire.   
  • Arrowhead Brass Form: Intentionally handcrafted in Maine by Bright Star & Buffalo, this brass form is best for knotting up a meaningful wall hanging. Treat a friend to this artisan piece to point their next project in the right direction.  
  • Ceramic Chime Set by Four Eyes: This set of chimes requires care and the ability to slow down and enjoy the process. Give this to someone who loves to take their time and revels in the delicate things in life. 
  • Pom Pom Maker: This whimsical, cookie shaped craft tool is thoughtfully designed and easy to use. Made of solid beech wood, it is as durable as it is adorable. This pom-pom maker is a sweet gift for any enthusiastic crafter!
  • Sacred Knots by Lise Silva Gomes: For a more spiritual approach to knotting, look no further than this bright and vibrant guide to contemporary knot making. Learn knotting basics, create gorgeous pieces, and discover a meditative and meaningful crafting practice. 
Gift Ideas for Your Hip Sibling: Holiday Gift Guide

For the Hip Sibling: Gifts for the trendsetters and modern crafters are all here in this collection. 

  • Metal Shapes: Available in four appealing colors and three geometric shapes (hexagon, triangle and circle) these metal forms are both modern and bohemian. Give them to the new home-owning sister or the amateur decorator brother with a flair for modern design!
  • Hand felted wool: Haven’t you heard? Macra-weaving is IN. Stock your sibling’s crafting corner with this must have fiber. 
  • Women Owned Tee: ...And proud of it! This super soft tee is made from an organic cotton and hemp blend. It’s hard to not wear it every day!
  • Sandal Making Kit: After you’ve given this totally unique DIY kit by Rachel Corry, the creative force behind Rachel Sees Snails Shoes, direct your giftee to our IGLive chat with the maker herself! 
  • The New Bohemians: An ideal coffee table book, The New Bohemians is best suited for those looking to find home decoration inspiration from today’s leading creatives. Our founder, Emily Katz is featured within the pages of this collection of 20 stylish homes written by Justina Blakeny. 
  • Four Eyes Beads: These ultra modern ceramic shapes make a statement wherever they are incorporated. Work them into a wall hanging, tie them on your next plant hanger or add them to a DIY necklace. Sold in sets of 3.
Gift Ideas for Beginner Crafters: Macramé Holiday Gift Guides

For the Beginner: There’s no time to begin again like the new year! Pick from this selection for the person on your list who’s always looking for a new hobby.

  • Beginner Gift Set: Complete with all of the supplies you’ll need to create a plant hanger as well as Emily Katz’s book, Modern Macramé: 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home, this set will empower any beginner to tie their first knot!  
  • DIY Plant Hanger Kit: Plant Hangers will always be in style. Gift this to your plant lovin’ friend, or use the kit to make them a completed plant hanger! 
  • Back to Basics: Perhaps you know someone who’s ready to dive back into macramé after taking a break. The Back to Basics kit is just that: the basics needed to jumpstart the next project.
  • Modern Macramé: 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home: The ultimate guide to creating and styling modern macramé projects in the home from top, creative tastemaker and sought-after, macramé artist, Emily Katz.
  • Sun Spots Video Tutorial: Learn the basics of macraweave with our latest video tutorial workshop, led by Emily Katz.
  • Fringe Dreams Kit: A fringy, boho wall hanging using our bold 12mm cotton rope. Beginner level and easy to complete with just a couple simple knots, this project is just as much fun to make as it is to admire afterwards. 

Gift Ideas for Crafty Dads: Holiday Gift Guides

For the Crafty Dad: We haven’t forgotten the Dads! We’ve gathered together gifts that are practical and fun, just like Dad. These gifts can be given directly to handy dads who like to knot or you can make something special from these picks and gift as a handmade piece!

  • Wooden Knobs: These handsome wooden wall mounts can hang Dad’s hat or pair them to affix a wall hanging! 
  • Hamburger Inspiration Pack: We all know Dad loves his grill. Our Hamburger bundle is comprised of four burger colored bundles of 5mm rope that will make for a deliciously playful crafting project. 
  • Keyhole Brass Ring: Let Dad put his imagination to work with this multipurpose brass piece. Use it as a keychain ring, start a plant hanger with a bit of style or knot it onto a piece of leather to create a modern bolo tie. 
  • Create Your Own Universe tee: Our sustainable cotton/hemp blend tees have unisex sizing. Surprise Dad with an eco-friendly addition to his wardrobe.  
  • Checkerboard Rug kit: We are obsessed with checkerboard patterns! Give this DIY rug making kit to a Dad who is good with his hands and or knot it up for him so he has a rug to lay at the base of his armchair. 
  • Year of Knots by Windy Chien: The book combines projects, tutorials, and transformative personal stories, all aimed at inspiring readers to make knotting—and creativity in general—part of a meditative daily practice. Great for a newly retired Dad!