Free Baby Teether and Rattle Tutorial

As founder Emily Katz prepares for the arrival of her first baby this coming March, we've also been busy getting ready!!

Baby Teether made from cotton string

This modern teether-rattle will delight and divert wiggly babies in equal measure. This teething ring is composed of a Crown Sinnet Knot, a knot that is often found in sailor’s Fancy Ropework and one that may be new to you, and the Horizontal Double Half Hitch, a knot you probably know and which is common to macramé. The result is an chic toy that will charm your teething tot and you as well!

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To complete this project, you will need: 

- One spool 3mm cotton rope, we chose Natural. Note, with one spool of our 3mm rope, you will have enough cord to make 9 baby teethers!
- Two Flat Wood Rings, we used size small
- Masking Tape
- Measuring Tape
- Sharp Scissors

Baby Teether made from cotton rope