A Few Favorite Memories from Tour

Emily Katz on Tour 

On the road and afterwards, many people asked the question: “What is your favorite place you visited?” Each time we were asked, we fumbled for an answer. With 3 months, 40 stops and all the roads in between, how could we possibly pick a favorite?

The truth is, there are so many unique places in this country and each place we visited is special in some way. We made a recap of our tour event stops, and one of the things we loved most about each stop, so you too can get a sense of how diverse and magic this country is.

It goes without saying that we we LOVED meeting every single one of the people who joined along the way….But we promise to share more from each event soon.

1. Portland, Oregon

Events: Book launch party at Schoolhouse Electric + workshop at Modern Macramé studio

Highlight: Being home. Enjoying home-cooked meals, the company of loved ones and animal snuggles make us feel grounded before we hit the road.

2. Sacramento, California

Events: Book signing and workshop at Old Gold

Highlight: The beautiful Moroccan rugs at Kechmara Designs. The owner, Ali, let us pick some of our favorites to decorate our book signing and workshop space.

3. Inverness, California

Events: Workshop at the beautiful Inverness A-frame

Highlight: Fresh oyster dinner in town and hiking a nearby Point Reyes trail.

Tartine Manufactory

4. San Francisco, California

Events: Book signing and workshops at The Assembly

Highlight: Brunch at Tartine Manufactory, a short walk from our Sonder rental in the Mission.

5. Oakland, California

Events: Book signing + workshop at A Verb for Keeping Warm

Highlight: Teaching macramé to my book editor, who spent many hours editing macramé content. It felt like a full circle moment for her to join the workshop.

6. Petaluma, California

Event: a private workshop for the staff of Ooh la Luxe

Highlight: Getting to see how this team of sisters runs their business in a way that supports each other and their sweet staff.

Camp set up by Rachel Mae Furman

7. Santa Barbara, California

Events: book signing and workshop at Potek Winery

Highlight: Our beautiful campsite at el Capitan State Park, all set up by our friend Rachel Mae Furman

8. Ojai, California

Events: Book signing and workshop at Cattywampus Craft

Highlight: We love the walking/bike trail that parallels the main road in town. It’s so nice to have this pedestrian-friendly route, amidst the trees and away from all the cars.

Brunch at LIghtlab

9. Los Angeles, California

Events: Workshops at Poketo and Merchant Modern, book signing at Room & Board, brunch at Light Lab

Highlight: Catching up with friends! From hanging on the beach in Venice, to garden picnics in Montecito Heights, to tea with Erin of EMK ceramics, to late night bowling and karaoke, we really enjoyed having time to fit in these special connections. Chairs shown here by Amsterdam Modern. 

10. San Diego, California

Events: Book signing and workshop at Botanica

Highlight: The proximity to the beach! We swung by La Jolla for a quick dip and got to say hi to the sea lions before driving to Palm Springs.

Palm Springs with Soukie Modern

11. Palm Springs, California

Events: Book signing at Soukie Modern and workshop at Soukie Kasbah

Highlight: The fresh dates, the mountains, and staying at Soukie Kasbah. Adam showing up with Donut to our book signing. 

12. Phoenix, Arizona

Events: Book signing and workshop at Local Nomad

Highlight: The heat. It was a dry 113 degrees Fahrenheit while we were there, and although it was intense, it felt nice to feel warmth of the sun in the summertime.

Santa Fe Touring Georgia Okeeffe House

13. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Events: Book signing at El Rey and workshop at Tanu’s Casa

Highlight: Horseback riding at Ghost Ranch! We spent a day taking a trail ride through some of the landscapes Georgia O’Keeffe painted, followed by a visit to her home + studio in Abiquiu, NM, just outside of Santa Fe. This was a major trip highlight and we recommend both experiences for anyone visiting Santa Fe!

14. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Events: Book signing and workshop at Retro Den Tulsa

Highlight: Being reminded of important U.S. history. The area around Tulsa flourished economically during the oil boom, so there are a ton of art deco buildings downtown. Oklahoma is also where Native Americans were forcibly moved to during the Trail of Tears, one of the areas affected by the Dust Bowl in the 30s, and is one of the cities along Route 66. A lot of history lives here, and we think it’s important to remember the country’s past (even the negative parts), in order to have a more bright future.

15. Dallas, Texas

Events: Book signing and workshop at Place at Tyler

Highlight: The beautiful crepe myrtle trees that were in bloom all over.

16. Austin, Texas

Events: Book signing and workshop at CRAFT

Highlight: There were many highlights in Austin, but a definite favorite was our day swimming in Barton Springs, a fresh spring right in the heart of the city! Also, dancing the Texas two-step.

17. New Orleans, Louisiana

Events: book signing and workshop at The Space

Highlight: fresh oysters served up by longtime oyster-shucker at Pascal’s Manale

Tea ceremony with Nat Kelley

18. Atlanta, Georgia

Events: Book signing and workshop at Citizen Supply

Highlight: A sweet morning tea ceremony with Nathalie Kelley. Also, the best Whole Foods during the tour.

Pizza in Asheville

19. Asheville, North Carolina

Events: Book signing and workshop at Echoview Fiber Mill, workshop at Eastfork Pottery

Highlight: A lovely pizza and cider dinner in a garden by the river. Also, the fireflies!

20. Raleigh, North Carolina

Events: Book signing and workshop at Edge of Urge

Highlight: Brewery Bhavana - This restaurant and brewery has both an amazing food and beer menu, made even better by the tasteful decor. This was the perfect place to refuel between workshops. *Stay tuned for a future blog post about our favorite places we ate during the tour!

21. Alexandria, Virginia

Events: Book signing and workshop at Common Room Studio

Highlight: The incredible food suggestions and staying hyper alert driving on the highway through DC.

22. Baltimore, Maryland

Events: Book signing and workshop at Jungle by the Falls

Highlight: 4th of July celebrations reminding us how special family and friends are.

23. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Events: Book signing and workshop at Moon and Arrow

Highlight: Walking through the warm streets after the workshop to a local bar with friends.

24. Boston, Massachusetts

Events: Book signing and workshop at Queen of Swords and Forest Bound

Highlight: The sweet women who drove all the way from Providence to bring me a gift.

Cape Cod Lobster Rolls

25. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Events: Book signing and workshop at Salt Yarn Studio

Highlight: Laying out on one of the more quiet beaches, relaxing in the sun and admiring various sea life while sharing stories with Julia from Salt Yarn Studios. Also, oysters and lobster rolls!

Gretchen Jones Emily Katz and Teressa Foglia

26. New York, New York

Events: Workshop at Textile Art Center, book signing and hat band party at Teressa Foglia

Highlight: Staying with close friend Gretchen Jones at her chic new NY apartment, walking distance to both Red Hook and Carroll Gardens.

27. Cleveland, Ohio

Event: Book signing and workshop at Gris Studio

Highlight: The hospitality! The folks at Gris Studio not only hosted our workshop on very last-minute notice, they also provided an amazing food spread and took photos. Thank you!

Delicious coffee and pie in Columbus.

28. Columbus, Ohio

Event: Book signing and workshop at Small Talk
Highlight: A necessary visit to Urgent Care to get my health in check for the road trip. While not the most fun activity, it was important to get medical attention quickly and affordably, relieving pain and stress for the rest of the tour.

29. Detroit, Michigan

Event: Book signing and workshop at Pot & Box

Highlight: Checking out funky art deco buildings, amazing food and a truly lovely host. Thank you Lisa!

30. Chicago, Illinois

Event: Book signing and workshop at Land & Sea

Highlight: Tattoo talks with friend Esther Garcia

31. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Event: Book signing and workshop at Ursa

Highlight: Late night dinner at Goodkind

32. Madison, Wisconsin

Event: Book signing and workshop at One One Thousand

Highlight: Shopping for antique turquoise jewelry at a recommended pawn shop.

33. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Event: Book signing and workshop at LAB and Hewing Hotel

Highlight: Staying at the Hewing Hotel. A beautiful respite and SUPER comfy bed after so much insane travel.

34. Kansas City, Missouri

Event: Book signing and workshop at Object Enthusiast

Highlight: A few new ceramic pieces we took home, made by Emily and her team at Object Enthusiast

Ramble Hotel Denver35Denver, Colorado

Event: Workshop at Sacred Thistle and book signing at Fancy Tiger Craft

Highlight: The Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks concert at Red Rocks, getting on the guest list to see The Donkeys at Larimer Lounge, and a night in at the new Ramble hotel.

36. Salt Lake City, Utah

Event: Book signing and workshop at Fellow Shop

Highlight: A last-minute sunrise jaunt to Moab and Arches National Park! Another major highlight of the trip, the landscape’s beauty is unparalleled, and we we are happy it was feasible to squeeze this into our tour route.

37. Seattle, Washington

Event: Book signing and workshop at Drygoods Design

Highlight: Staying with my dear friend Rachel, lunch at London Plane

Here are all of our Tour dates in a list:


1. Portland, OR (May 15 - Schoolhouse Electric)

2. Portland, OR (May 16 - Modern Macrame Studio)

3. Sacramento, CA (May 18th - Old Gold)

4. Bolinas, CA  (May 19th - Inverness A-Frame)

5 + 6. San Francisco, CA (May 20th - The Assembly)

7. Oakland, CA (May 21st - A Verb for Keeping Warm)

8. Petaluma, CA (May 22nd - Ooh la Luxe)

9. Santa Barbara, CA (May 23rd - Potek Winery)

10. Ojai, CA (May 24th - Cattywampus)

11 + 12. Downtown LA, CA (May 27th- Poketo)

13. Santa Monica, CA (May 29th - Merchant Modern)

14. Central LA, CA (May 30th - Light Lab)

15. Los Angeles, CA (May 30th - Room and Board)

16. San Diego, CA (May 31st - Botanica)

17. Palm Springs, CA (June 1st - Soukie Modern)

18. Palm Springs, CA (June 2nd - Soukie Kasbah)

19. SQUAM (June 7th-10th)

20. West Coast Craft Fair (June 9th, 10th)

21. Phoenix, AZ (June 14th - Local Nomad)

22 + 23. Santa Fe, NM (June 15th, 16th - El Rey + Tanu's Casa)

24. Tulsa, OK (June 18th - Retro Den Tulsa)

25. Dallas, TX (June 20th - Place at Tyler)

26. Austin, TX (June 23rd - CRAFT)

27. New Orleans, LA (June 25th - The Space)

28. Atlanta, GA (June 28th - Citizen Supply)

29. Asheville, NC (June 30th - Echoview Fibermill)

30. Asheville, NC (June 30th - Eastfork Pottery)

31. Raleigh, NC (July 1st - Edge of Urge)

32. Alexandria, VA (July 2nd - Common Room Studio)

33. Baltimore, MD (July 3rd - Jungle by the Falls)

34. Philadelphia, PA (July 5th - Moon + Arrow)

35. Boston, MA (July 11th - Queen of Swords)

36. Cape Cod, MA (July 12th - Salt Yarn Studio)

37. New York, NY (July 14th - TAC)

38. New York, NY (July 14th - Teressa Folia)

39. Cleveland, OH (July 17th - Gris Studio)

40. Columbus, OH (July 18th - Small Talk)

41. Detroit, MI (July 19th - Pot and Box)

42. Chicago, IL (July 20th - Land and Sea)

43. Milwaukee, WI (July 23rd - Ursa)

44. Madison, WI (July 24th - One one Thousand)

45. Minneapolis, MN (July 25th - LAB)

46. Minneapolis, MN (July 25th - The Hewing Hotel)

47. Kansas City, MO (July 26th - Object Enthusiast)

48. Denver, CO (July 28th - Sacred Thistle)

49. Denver, CO (July 29th - Fancy Tiger Crafts)

50. Salt Lake City, UT (July 31st - Fellow Shop)

51. Seattle, WA (August 13th- Dry Goods Design)