Sunspots with Sunshine and Sky silk sari
Materials needed for the macraweave wall hanging
Emily Katz and the finished Sun Spots Macraweave project
Sun Spots Beginner Macraweave Wall Hanging
Video tutorial Knot Along
  • Sunspots with Sunshine and Sky silk sari
  • Sun Spots Beginner Macraweave Wall Hanging
  • Video tutorial Knot Along

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Sun Spots Macraweave Wall Hanging Tutorial

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Macra-weave is the process of combining macramé with elements of basic weaving.

In this project you will have the opportunity to “sample” a variety of simple techniques. Some you may know and some may be new to you..

..But each one is a building block of this popular craft. And the result is this vibrant wall hanging! Let’s weave together.

Available as a stand along video tutorial or save on your materials and purchase as a kit!

Preview the Sun Spots Macraweave here


This Macramé Tutorial is a digital DOWNLOAD! Once you've completed checkout you will receive an EMAIL with a link to view the tutorial.

Finished Size:
Approximately 30 inches x 8 inches including fringe
Knots and Techniques:

  • Reverse Lark's Head
  • Horizontal Double Half Hitch
  • Rya Knot 
  • Twilling and Opposing Twill
  • Basic Weaving

Knotting Time: This project takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete
Suggested Skill Level: Beginner and up!

Designed lovingly by our team at Modern Macramé.

To complete the Sun Spots Wall Hanging, you'll need to get the following materials:

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Additional Supplies:

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