Modern Macramé Crafting Needle
Crafting Needle 1.35mm X 54.5mm
  • Crafting Needle 1.35mm X 54.5mm

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Crafting Needle 1.35mm X 54.5mm

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The perfect craft and tapestry needle! With a blunt end and a large eye this needle is made for sewing with larger materials like yarn, string and rope ends. 

Needle: 1.35mm X 54.5mm 
Package: 45mm X 120mm X 6mm 
Package of three metal needles

Use these tapestry needles for darning, sewing, weaving, embroidery and more! Need a place to park your needles? Look no further than our sweet Pincushion!

Use this needle when coiling up the Sunburst Basket Pattern

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