What To Expect At A Modern Macramé Workshop

Photo by Laura Dart


You saw that we’re having a summer book tour this year/ hosting workshops all across the United States and you were thinking about coming but not sure what to expect, so we wanted to share a little outline of how a workshop usually goes.

Do I Need Experience?

At every workshop Emily Katz will either be showing how to make a beautiful Wall HangingPlant Hanger, Mobile, Chandelier, or a Rug, depending on location. One of the common questions we see is “Do I need experience to come?” and the answer is No! You’re there to learn the art. Emily will guide you from start to finish, and is happy to answer questions and offer her insight. 


When You Arrive

Who doesn’t love a nice goodie bag? Upon arrival you will receive a gift bag with all the materials for your Macramé piece.

For example, that includes a ring, beads, and 100' of rope for the Plant Hanger workshops.  If you sign up for a Wall Hanging workshop, there will be a wooden dowel, 100' of rope, and S hooks.

Along with the all the materials you need, there will also be a couple surprises in the bag that will vary by location, as well as snacks and wine at certain locations.

We also offer extra materials for sale at all of our workshops. So if you feel inspired to add extra colors, or extra material to your projects, we got you covered. 


When The Workshop Starts

When the workshop starts Emily will share her story about how she became interested in macrame and how she made it to where she is today in her journey, sharing her art with creatives all over the world. The group (usually about 8-20) will  briefly share as well. After introductions, Emily will teach a few basic knots and then people will begin their pieces. The workshop will go for about 3 hours, and everyone will usually have time to complete their piece, or at least make good headway!

When the work in finished and as the workshop wraps up, you know what’s next, Photos, photos, and more photos! We’re proud of all we did and we need to share it with the world.

We LOVE seeing what people make, and where they hang their finished pieces, so we encourage people to share on Instagram by tagging @modernmacrame and using our hashtag: #modernmacrameworkshop

See You There?

We can’t wait to meet all the beautiful creatives ready to get their macramé on this Summer, Check out our Tour & Workshops  tab to see if we’re coming to a city near you. See you soon!