Bead Artist Feature: Emma Holland Denvir

emma holland denvirMeet Emma Holland Denvir, maker of the handmade Walnut Wood Cylinder Beads we sell in our DIY SUPPLIES section of our website -

Modern Macrame Supplies - Walnut Wood Beads

Learn more about Emma in our Bead Artist Feature Q&A Below:


Hello! Tell us who you are...
Hello! My name is Emma Holland Denvir

Where is home and where are you from (if different):
I am from Washington, DC and live in Los Angeles, I’ve lived here for seven years. 

Tell us a little about you and what you do:
I am currently the head of US Business Development @ Hem. That means I’m no longer making things with my hands as much (or at all right now), but I feel very fulfilled creatively in an entirely different way. Developing strategy is really fun and you can see it play out pretty quickly sometimes. I opened up our US headquarters in Los Angeles in January of 2019 and have been working on expanding our presence around the country. Our next stop is NYC, stay tuned! 

What is your preferred medium?
My preferred medium has historically been wood. I’ve been pretty detached from working with wood recently and took a ceramics class at a local studio in LA, Still Life Ceramics. Ceramics was my first 3D medium and first love. I’m ready to start working with it again. I’m also looking forward to combining wood & ceramic pieces and where that leads. 

Have you used Modern Macramé material before?
No, but I’m open to it! I’m not super familiar with soft sculpture or crafts but am very drawn to it.

What was your process in becoming an Artist/Designer?
Pretty random. I studied art history and studio art in college. My college didn’t have a 3D art or design program, so my options were pretty limited. I was obsessed with one product I made, (a puzzle piece candy holder out of foam core, both the process & finished product. My oldest brother suggested I look into industrial design. That opened me up to the world of ID & furniture design. Along my path to get there, I discovered woodworking and was extremely lucky to have Foon Sham, a wood sculptor,  become my mentor. From there my portfolio landed me in interior design. From there, my background in interior design landed me in business development. Not sure what’s next!  


What is your design inspiration?
Typically my surroundings - infrastructure, shapes in nature and in architecture. Doodling. 

LUCKY U NECKLACES with wooden beads - Modern Macrame

Describe your personal style: 
I have gone through many, many, iterations over the past decade... My style has definitely streamlined but always has some quirk. I prefer color blocking when possible. 

How do you define yourself or your work?
Thoughtfully impulsive. 

What is the last great book/podcast that you read/listened to?
Modern Love & How I Built This are my two favorite podcasts. I just finished Gone Girl followed by Sharp Objects. Highly recommend both podcasts & books. 

What is the most inspiring piece of advice you ever received?
It’s the difference that makes the difference." 

Any advice for up and coming artists?
Say yes. Follow the next indicated step. 

What has been the biggest obstacle for you creatively?
Transitioning into a career that satisfied me creatively in a new way required that I take a break from making. I’m coming back around to the desire/need for creating with my hands. Now, the biggest obstacle is generally time. 


We love to use Emma's Walnut Wood Cylinder Beads as delicate additions to simple plant hangers and/or in our Lucky U Necklace. Find more information about this project HERE.


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