Fiber Feature: How to Do I Choose The Best Fiber for My Project?

Written By Modern Macramé - April 26 2018


Emily Katz
June 06 2018

Hey all!
In my new book there is a formula for measuring your project! Pick it up now!
also, RE:Julie, Jute won’t last forever outside, but it is a fun material to play with!

April 29 2018

I have the same question as Connie, is there a formula for determining what length of cord to begin with? Seems like a plant hanger starts with 3x to 4x finished length, but in the kit for example knotting is not throughout the entire piece. Also curious if jute would be appropriate for a garland that will will outside, at least part time. Thanks!

April 28 2018

Thank you for the fiber/material information options. I too like ’Connie’s’ question referenc’g figur’g out length of cord(s) for finished project length.’ Thank you.

April 28 2018

Thank you for this information! I am slowly learning what to use where thru trial and error! I would love to know how to figure cut length of cord for finished project length.

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