Freyja Plant Hanger in the cool colorway

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The Freyja Plant Hanger - Video Tutorial

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This four arm, four bundle plant hanger is appropriately named for the Norse goddess of love, Freyja, who is also the goddess of the number four!

This is a fringe-filled, colorful hanger suitable for big plant pots or your favorite fruit bowl.


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Finished Size: Approximately 4ft - 5ft depending on fringe length
Knots and Techniques:
- Gathering Knot 
- Square Knot (SK)
Knotting Time: This project will take approximately 2 - 3 hours to knot up
Suggested Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Designed lovingly for you by our team at Modern Macramé. Want to meet us? Check out our About section!

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Additional supplies: 

  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors 
    • If you have chosen your own unique colorway for this project be sure to arrange your colors so that the colors with highest contrast interact along the plant hanger arms.
      • For example, if you have two light colors and two dark colors, assign the light colors to “Color A” and “Color C” and assign the dark colors to “Color B” and “Color “D.
    • We also made this project in a warm colorway.  Below are the colors we used: Sand (A), Cinnamon (B), Peach (C), Hazel (D)

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