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Linen Frizz

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This fun and fuzzy fiber is made from 100% recycled linen, textile remnants. Add Linen Frizz to your wearable macramé creations, party swag, weavings and more!

Fiber Content: Recycled linen and textile remnants
Approximate Length: 60 ft 
Wound Ball Dimensions: 4 in X 3.5 in
Weight: 0.2lbs
Origin: India
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner and up!

  • Tie this fuzzy fiber into your fringe for an added pop of texture.
  • Great for weaving, gift wrapping, crochet and more!

Based in the "Silk City of India", Bhagalpur, Maniar Enterprises is one of the largest, global manufacturers of Fair Trade silk, cotton and linen ribbon.  With an emphasis on eco-friendly products, Maniar Enterprises also strives to empower the women who make these high quality textile goods.


Thanks for understanding and for supporting our small, women operated business.

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