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  • 4mm Organic Cotton Cord 1000 feet
  • Rainbow of Silk Sari Ribbon Balls Silk Sari Ribbon Milk Silk Sari Ribbon Ball perfect for a macra-weave Sun colored Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Olive Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Seafoam Silk Sari Ribbon Ball, use in your next tapestry Sky Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Pinot Noir Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Plum Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Summer Peach Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Rust Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Buttercup Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Marigold Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Onyx Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Arizona Turquoise Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Silk Sari Ribbon
  • Recycled PET bottles made into rope! Black recycled rope black and white melange recycled rope khaki recycled rope for outdoor macrame projects
  • 2mm Recycled Poly Cord 2mm Recycled Poly Cord 2mm Recycled Poly Cord
  • 5mm Organic Cotton Rope 500 feet
  • Hemptique Recycled Metallic Cord All Colors 3mm Natural + Gold Metallic 2ply Rope Recycled Cotton Metallic Rope 3mm 2ply Natural + Gold Yellow + Gold 3mm Cotton Rope 2 ply Hemptique 3mm Crafting Cord 2 ply Burgundy + Metallic Crafting Cord 3mm Cotton Rope Burgundy and Metallic 3mm Recycled Cotton Rope 2 ply Green + Gold Metallic Crafting Cord 2ply Cotton Rope 3mm Green and Gold Metallic Hot Pink + Gold 3mm Cotton Rope Hot Pink Recycled Cotton Cord 3mm 2ply
  • 6mm Recycled Cotton Cord, 2 ply Natural, Light Gray, Black and White Natural 6mm Recycled Cotton Rope 2 ply Bright White 6mm Cotton Rope Recycled Content 2 ply Black 6mm Recycled Cotton Rope 2ply Light Gray 6mm Cotton Rope 2ply Recycled Cotton
  • Cotton Frizz from recycled cotton and textile remnants Raw Cotton Frizz - recycled cotton Cotton Frizz - Pond
  • Recycled Linen Ribbon White