16mm Cotton Rope

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16mm Cotton Rope

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This rope is fantastically thick, soft & so much fun to work with! Imagine your favorite wall hanging or plant hanger pattern in this jumbo rope for a wonderfully exaggerated upgrade! Perfect for large scale custom macramé installations.

Specify how many feet you would like to order. If you select the 3 foot section, or multiples of 3 feet, you will receive multiple 3 foot cuts. If you select "by the foot" then you will receive a continuous length.

Fiber Content: 100% Oeko Tex Cotton
Diameter:  16 mm
Ply: 3 ply
Origin: Turkey

Recommended Skill Level:
Intermediate: Requires more strength & dexterity to hold onto and knot than our smaller ropes.

*Lengths are approximate and may vary slightly from spool to spool

**Please note that even though we do our very best to display our colors as accurately as possible, actual colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. In addition there may be slight color variation between different manufacturing batches; exact color-matching of older and newer yarn may not be possible.

- For a chunky, crimped fringe, simply unravel the 3 ply twist. 
- For a feathery, crimped fringe, unravel the 3 ply twist & then comb out with a fine-tooth comb.

- With 100’ of this fat and fabulous rope fashion the fanciful Fringe Dreams pattern!

Want to learn about how our rope is made and who makes it? Read all about it on the blog!


Product Features

Emily's Favorite

Selected with intention by Emily Katz

Oeko Tex Certified

Completely free of chemicals and safe for human use.

Super Soft

Soft on the hands and easy to work with.