Checkerboard Rug Pattern Download
Checkerboard Rug Pattern Download
Checkerboard Rug Pattern Download
  • Checkerboard Rug Pattern Download

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Checkerboard Rug

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We are obsessed with checkered patterns! This ubiquitous motif has ancient roots and modern flair; from game boards to vintage skateboarding shoes to woven gingham fabric, we love seeing where this simple design pops up. 

We were determined to make a macramé project that employs this popular, patchwork repeat and it was with delight that we created the Checkerboard Rug.  With a handful of familiar knots and a few simple tricks you can knot up a trendy Checkerboard of your own!

Available as a Pattern Download or as a Kit.  

Finished Size: Approximately 20 in wide by 27 in long (not including fringe)
Knots and Techniques:
Reverse Larks Head

Knotting Time: This rug will take you approximately 4-6 hours to complete
Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials Required: 

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Additional Supplies:

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Designed lovingly for you by our team at Modern Macramé. Want to meet us? Check out our About section!

Make it easy, let us send you all the required materials! The Checkerboard Rug Pattern Download with a Kit, comes with the following:

  • Three bundles of 4mm Cotton Cord, in Natural
  • Three bundles of 4mm Cotton Cord, in Wheat
  • One bundle of 5mm Cotton Rope, in Natural
  • One bundle of 5mm Cotton Rope, in Wheat
  • Two S-Hooks
  • One 24" Dowel
  • Digital Pattern Download


  • We chose to knot this rug in neutral tones, Wheat and Natural, but imagine this dynamic floor covering in a more literal interpretation of the motif, such as Bright White and Black. Or any number of appealing color combos, the sky’s the limit. Pick a palette that compliments your sense of style and playfulness!
  • Our finished rug is about the size of a bathmat, 20” x 27” but this pattern could easily be doubled in width. You would need only to double the materials list and multiply the number of cuts by two! You would also need a larger dowel to accommodate a 40” width.
  • If you wanted to double the length you would simply double the materials list AND double the lengths of the cuts on the cut list! You would still use a 24” dowel.
  • If you wanted to quadruple the size and have a rug that is twice as wide and twice as long, you would double the number of cuts as well as double the length of the cuts on the cut list. You would also quadruple the materials list!


The macramé Pattern is a digital DOWNLOAD! Once you've completed checkout you will receive an EMAIL with a link to download the pattern.

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