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Hand Dyed Fibers

  • Rainbow of Silk Sari Ribbon Balls Silk Sari Ribbon Milk Silk Sari Ribbon Ball perfect for a macra-weave Sun colored Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Olive Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Seafoam Silk Sari Ribbon Ball, use in your next tapestry Sky Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Pinot Noir Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Plum Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Summer Peach Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Rust Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Buttercup Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Marigold Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Onyx Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Arizona Turquoise Silk Sari Ribbon Ball Silk Sari Ribbon
  • Hand Felted Wool Yarn in a variety of colors Milk - Hand Felted Wool Buttermilk - Hand felted wool Shearling - hand felted wool Buttercup hand felted wool Wheat - Hand felted wool Taupe - hand felted wool Peach - hand felted wool Antique rose - hand felted wool Coral - hand felted wool Sorbet - hand felted wool Arizona Turquoise - hand felted wool Seafoam - hand felted wool Sage Brush - hand felted wool Sky Blue - hand felted wool Slate Gray - hand felted wool Arizona Turquoise, Sorbet, Coral, Antique Rose Taupe, Slate Gray, Sky Blue, Seafoam , Sage Brush Wheat, Peach, Buttercup, Buttermilk, Shearling, Milk
  • 4mm Cotton Cord Hand Dyed - Grain Antique Rose 4mm Cotton Cord Hand Dyed Cotton Cord Mist Hand Dyed Cotton Cord 4mm Hand-Dyed Cotton Cord Two Tone Hand-Dyed Cotton Cord Two Tone Hand-Dyed Cotton Cord Two Tone Hand-Dyed Cotton Cord Two Tone Hand-Dyed Cotton Cord Two Tone
  • Underwater, Partytime, Desert Highway Desert Highway Tri-colored Hand Dyed Cord Partytime 4mm Cotton Cord Hand Dyed Underwater 4mm Hand Dyed Tri-Color Cord
  • Hand Dyed by Anna Joyce Hand Dyed For Your Home By Anna Joyce Hand Dyed Projects For Your Home by Anna Joyce