Your Guide to a Cozy Night In: Emily's April Picks

Who doesn’t love a night in? Sometimes, slowing down can be hard. We’ve made it easy with this list of Emily Katz’s essentials for winding down and treating yourself to a restful and restorative evening.

Inspired by the Danish word hygge, which conveys a sense of well being and coziness, this month is all about adding soothing practices to your nightly routine. Whether that’s mindfully knotting the Hygge Quilt Wall Hanging, taking a bath, watching the sunset from your window, or whatever it is you do to unload from the bustle of life, we hope this list of calming must-haves helps bring your soul to a place of peace. 

Mood: Dimly lit room, cello music playing softly on the record player, writing poetry by candlelight.

Beeswax Candles

Emily’s Pick:

Stacked Beeswax Candles, available through Spartan Shop  

Handmade by Carl Durkow in New Jersey, these sculptural cast beeswax candles come in a set of two. They are so unique that having them serve as decoration is just as tempting as letting them burn. If you’re new to burning beeswax, expect a sweet, warm, indescribably pleasant smell. 

Run by Austin native Currie Person, Portland's Spartan Shop is offers carefully considered collections of home goods, furniture, lighting and fine art. Their modern and artisanal style is trend-setting to say the least, and who doesn't love supporting a women owned and operated business?! Follow along at @spartanshop.

Mood: Sheepskin on the couch, re-run of Moonstruck playing, a bowl of salted popcorn and a furry friend providing the cuddles. 

Sheepskin Hide by Shepherdess Holistic Hides

Emily’s Picks: 

Sheepskin Hide by Shepherdess Holistic Hides is a collaborative project of designer Laura Schoorl and shepherdess Brittany Cole Bush (pictured above). Together they purvey tanned sheep hides mindfully sourced from the American West. They value sourcing from producers with humane, ethical & ecologically sound practices. Focused on diverting waste streams from animal agriculture into the creations of beautiful heirloom additions to peoples lives, Shepherdess is a brand we stand behind. See their journey at @shepherdesshides.

Check out how Emily styled her sheepskins in her Portland living room below. Want to take a peek at Emily's house? Check it out here on Schoolhouse Living

Emily's Living Room with Sheepskins on the couch

Fine grain sea salt of Kråkebolle, made by Emily's friend and high school photography teacher, Michal Bietz Overland, pairs perfectly with a bowl of popcorn- or whatever movie snack you choose that needs a bit of extra flavor. 

North Sea Salt Works is a family-run business located on the island of Gossen in Northwestern Norway. Their goal is to reinvigorate and reinterpret Norway’s centuries old production of one of the worlds’ most essential minerals — sea salt. Building on traditions dating back to the Viking era, they use 100% renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing processes to produce their delicious salt. Check out their instagram at @north_sea_salt_works.

Emily snapped this shot while visiting Michal at North Sea Salt Works back in 2019. 

Salt farm in Norway

Mood: Gently rocking on the porch swing, sipping Golden Milk Tea while dusk settles,  chatting with neighbors as they pass by on their evening walks.

Emily’s Pick:

Golden Milk Herbal Blend Tea: With roots in Ayurvedic tradition, this turmeric-based blend creates a soothing, delicious brew that's filled with anti-inflammatory benefits. Try with coconut milk and honey!

Aesthete Tea is a woman, QBIPOC owned organic loose leaf tea and herbal blend brand, based in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Briana Thornton in 2017, Aesthete Tea maintains a strong commitment to know their farmers and source only the highest quality ingredients from individuals and collectives that share the same values in quality, ethics and health. All of their teas are farm direct. Follow along at @aesthetetea.

Golden Mylk Tea

Mood: Face mask on, CBD salts in the bathtub, incense rope burning

Soul Shine CBD Bath Bomb

Emily’s Picks: 

Soul Shine CBD Bath Bomb: Contains 100mg of Full Spectrum CBD Extract. Add this to a warm bath and let the soothing properties of Pink Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Rose Kaylan Clay, and essential oils relax and nourish your body. Plus, the packing is 100% compostable. 

Make and Mary is a botanical shop in Portland OR featuring vegan and organic products made in-house. The shop's founder, Yvonne Perez Emerson, was drawn to learn more about the plant world as a young mother and became the healer of her family, much like her mother and grandmothers were. Join the fun at @themakeandmary.

Cedar Incense Rope

Cedar Incense Rope: This incense for macramé lovers burns just like stick incense; simply light afire, blow out and enjoy the scent as the embers burn down. Made of Cedar Wood, it will add an earthy scent to your space to ground and calm you.  

Love this collection of Emily's picks? We feature more of Emily's hygge-inspired favorites in the Hygge Quilt pattern, like her Air BnB picks around Scandinavia, delicious recipes, and more. Purchase the Hygge Quilt tutorial here to explore more!

Until then, get cozy and go enjoy that well-deserved night in!