Top 5 Crochet Patterns for Beginners

It's no secret, crochet is IN. This timeless handicraft is popping up everywhere; from fashion blogs, to poolside parties, and the social feeds of celebrities. If you're itching to try your hand in crochet, we've got just the right set of beginner/intermediate friendly crochet patterns for you to follow this spring.

Crochet Granny Squares

Granny squares are the building blocks of beginner crochet. These satisfying little squares can be colorful or monotone, perfectly flat or dappled with texture, wildly complex or sweetly simple. Once the basics of construction is learned you’ll see that anything is possible! Make your first square and be right on your way to creating your very own Granny Square Blanket with our step-by-step pattern.

Crochet Granny Square Blanket

Once you've mastered the granny square, take your skills up a notch with a floral, functional twist. The Daisy Square Tote combines a few different colors with a handful of simple crochet stitches to make a trendy bag, just in time for summer!

Crochet Daisy Square Tote

Attracted to abstract design? The Crochet Vessel is the project for you! Made with three colors of 5mm rope and a 12mm crochet hook, this modern vessel can be used as a vase cover for floral arrangements or leaf propagation.

Crochet Vessel made with 5mm Cotton Rope

For a more minimal approach, pick one color and style your abstract form as a stand alone object. Here's our founder Emily Katz with the Crochet Vessel in Peach. 

Emily Katz in Portland home with Crochet Vessel

If you're favorite place in the house is the kitchen, look no further than our Crochet Trivet. This handy trivet is durable, washable and handsome! Rest easy knowing that your counters and dining table will be protected from hot pots and water damage - in style. 

Crochet Trivet  
Ready to embrace the power of the flower? Inspired by the Charity Square pattern by Krystal Nadrutach, this intermediate-level crochet Flower Power Square is the ultimate vibe for the summer. Join us at our July 17 workshop and learn how to make your own! 

Flower Power Granny Square

After you make one (or all) of these projects, be sure to share your work and tag us @modernmacrame on your favorite social channel. Happy hooking!