The Hygge Quilt Wall Hanging

Slip on your fluffy slippers and pour yourself a cup of tea... we're about to dive into the essence of hygge. Welcome the world of soothing neutrals and soft fibers: the Hygge Quilt wall hanging.

Emily Katz and the Hygge Quilt macramé wall hanging, styled on a blue wall with flowers.

This quilted piece draws on Scandinavian interiors and the danish concept of hygge. The word hygge conveys a sense of well being and coziness, and after over a year of sporting sweatpants as our main attire, you're more prepared than ever to work on this hygge-inspired wall hanging. Watch a teaser here to preview the workshop:


Hygge Quilt Fiber Pack

Here's what you'll need to knot up the Hygge Quilt: 

  • The Hygge Quilt Fiber Pack: 1 bundle Bright White 5mm rope, 2 bundles Natural 5mm rope, 1 bundle Light Gray 5mm rope, and 1 bundle 4mm Natural cord. 
  • Scissors
  • Rubberbands
  • 24" dowel, branch, or piece of driftwood

Hygge Quilt Mood Board

We've collected all of our favorite hygge-inspired objects, dream spaces, textures and images into the Hygge Quilt Mood Board on Pinterest! Check it out here.

We can't wait to get started knotting with you! Download the video tutorial today and begin your journey. We'll be with you every step of the way. 


Emily + the Modern Macramé team