The Criss Cross Wrap

Welcome to this month’s Craft Club project! 

In a quarter of the time it would take to knit a shawl of the same size, knot up this stylish wrap in our plush 4mm cord! Our Criss Cross Wrap is the ideal garment for lazy summer days, to drape over bare shoulders while eating plums in the garden.

The Criss Cross Wrap

This is a beginner level project with a very fun twist at the end! Wait till you see how this wrap transforms in the final steps. 


If you’re ready to wrap this soft summer shawl around yourself, join our Craft Club and knot along with us. While Craft Club is a monthly crafting subscription with new projects each month, feel free to join for just this one project and cancel your membership before next month. 

Of course, we hope you’ll stay along for the next journey!

Criss Cross Wrap

Remember, there are two membership options in our Craft Club: 

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Criss Cross Wrap Materials List

If you have a Craft Curious membership (remember, this one is just the digital access!), you’ll need to purchase the materials before making your project. Here’s your shopping list: 

  • 4 bundles of 4mm cotton cord in the color of your choice (We chose natural!) 
  • 1 bundle of 5mm cotton cord - this bundle will be used for making the project, but won’t be a part of the finished wrap, so pick whatever color you’d like! You can save this after you're finished to make another project.
  • Extra sharp scissors
  • Measuring Tape 
  • One 24” Dowel 

Your Craft Curious member discount for 10% off all Modern Macramé products will apply automatically at checkout when you're logged into your account on our site!

Emily Katz and the Criss Cross Wrap

We can't wait to get started knotting with you!

Join the Craft Club today and begin your journey. We'll be with you every step of the way. 


Emily + the Modern Macramé team