FROM OUR BOOK: Dancing Shadows Lantern

Our Book features 33 Projects for your handmade home. In this weekly series, we are featuring each project from the book - you will learn a bit about the behind the scenes as well as the best materials to use to make your macramé projects.modern macramé book projects - diy dancing shadows lantern

This week's project is the Dancing Shadows Lantern.

"I loved designing this whimsical bohemian lantern. The tiers of rope and the inner and outer circles add a truly dreamy quality to it's shape.

Shown above, the lantern was photographed in the home of Dan and Natasha Husted in Copenhagen. It feels quite at home among plants and sheepskins, but would work equally well as an accent to any kind of decor." - Emily

To make the Modern Macramé Dancing Shadows Lantern, you will need:

Roughly half a spool of 5mm natural cotton rope

1¼" brass triangle or ring

Two 10" brass hoops

8" brass hoop

6" brass hoop

S-hook (optional)

Swivel clip (optional)

Light cord and LED bulb (optional) We recommend buying from

This pattern is made using a variety of knots including the Reverse Lark's Head Knot, Square Knot, Alternating Square Knot, etc. You can learn how to make these, and more knots and techniques, on our Youtube Channel!

Modern Macramé Book Project - Dancing Shadows Lantern GIF DIY

"You don't have to make this into an actual light, but if you do, make sure to use an LED bulb so it doesn't get too hot, and wait for the magical shadows that the light will cast. It's worth it!" - Emily

Check out our book for the full pattern for this rope swing project, and share what you make with us using #modernmacramebook and tagging @modernmacrame on Instagram. Our book is available here, on amazon, or wherever books are sold.  

Photos by Nicole Franzen and Shannon Wolf. Styling by Anne Parker.

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