Macrame Workshops in 2017

Portland macramé workshop

This year has been a big one for us over at Modern Macramé.

We finished our upcoming book due out in May, and we taught 29 workshops around the world!

The post is a recap of the amazing locations we taught at, and the incredible people who joined along the way. 

Thank you so much to all who participated! We love you and we hope you will come out for the Macrame book tour this summer across the USA. Stay tuned and make sure you are signed up for our email list to find out where our tour will take us as soon as we launch!

There are a few places that I didn't get a photo, I AM SO SORRY! But I will make sure to do better next year. 

2017 workshop schedule:


Parachute Home Macrame workshop

Parachute Home, Los Angeles 

Minneapolis Macrame workshop

Wit and Delight Studio, Minneapolis


Poketo Macrame workshop los angeles

Poketo, Los Angeles

Portland Macrame workshop

Our studio in Portland for the book! 

Seattle Macrame workshop

Plantshop, Seattle


stockholm macrame workshop

Earth People, Stockholm

Copenhagen macramé workshop


Barcelona macrame workshop

Dudua, Barcelona

Lisbon Macrame workshop

Oapartamento, Lisbon

London macrame classmacrame in London

Earl of East London, London


Wildernis, Amsterdam

Zoku Amsterdam

Zoku, Amsterdam

Berlin macrame workshop

Rag and Bone Man Vintage, Berlin


Squam retreat in New Hampshire (with my mom!) I will be headed back there this June. Sign up here. 


Peartree Flowers, Brooklyn NY


Mexico city macrame workshopMexico City Macrame workshop

Chaya Bnb, Mexico City



Parachute Home, Los Angeles, CA

meghan Shimek Oakland Macrame workshop

Meghan Shimek studio, Oakland, CA

Fireclay tile

Fireclay Tile, San Fransisco, California


Los Angeles workshop

The Odells Shop, Silverlake Los Angeles, CA

Mint Studio, San Diego, CA

G2G Studio, Corona Del Mar, CA

Our studio in Portland, OR

Homestead Seattle, Seattle, WA