Intro To Our Team: Meet Elspeth!

Intro to the Modern Macrame Team - Meet Elspeth!Meet Elspeth! Our multi-talented Production, Pattern Development, and Styling Assistant.

Q & A:
Share a little bit about yourself:
I am an artist and jewelry designer and a fourth generation Seattlite. I hold a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My jewelry has been featured in Vanity Fair and Flaunt Magazine. I am a macramaniac.

How did you get involved with Modern Macramé?
I met Emily when we were both young designers in Portland in the early 2000’s. We were both mostly sewing and making clothes back then. I moved to Chicago to study Fiber Arts and Textiles while she went on to start Modern Macramé and write her wonderful book. When I moved back to Portland last year I reconnected with Emily and offered to lend my hands at Modern Macramé. It was a great fit right away!

What is your role within the company?

What are you hobbies/interests?
So many! I am a knitter since I was four years old. A knotter since friendship
bracelets at camp. I make quilts and weave blankets. I have studied clothing
design and shoe making. I am a runner. I am a singer and guitar player. I love
going to the movies and even if the movie is bad, I like talking about why the
movie was bad.

What does your perfect day look like?
To me a perfect day is something unpredictable, ephemeral and fleeting. Like
having a good dream, it can’t be expected or planned, only recalled warmly in hindsight. So I can’t say what a hypothetical perfect day would be. But I will say
that I am lucky enough to have had many.

Favorite flower

Favorite Song or Band:
Too numerous to list! I’m a great lover of music, singing and air-drumming in the

Right now I am reading:
“Stay and Fight” By Madeline Fitch. It is a novel about different kinds of families, living off the grid and the intractable arguments we choose to inhabit with the ones we love. I love this book and the author happens to be my beloved cousin. I realize I am biased. I still recommend it.

Favorite Quote
“The cut worm forgives the plow.” William Blake

What is your fave MM material? Fave KAL?
Fave KAL is the current September KAL! Wavy, fluid “Guatemala Waves” Wall Hanging. Visually striking and very fun to make. Fave material is 5mm rope in any color! So soft and pliable. A delight to work with!


See more of Elspeth here: @elspethvance 
She also makes super rad earrings: @shopnoctiluca +


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