Behind the Scenes at the Modern Macramé Studio: Filming our Tutorials

Wondering what we've been up to at the Modern Macramé studio this week? Take a peek behind the scenes to see! 
Craft Club - Filming in Progress
Into Emily's office we go!
Emily and Elspeth in filming for the Craft Club tutorials
Getting ready to start with Take 1 for the Silk Wrapped Rainbow!
Craft Club tutorial filming wardrobe picks
Lots of wardrobe option on set. That way we could make sure Emily and Elspeth's outfits compliment each other, AND the macramé!
Emily's office for filming
We had so much equipment set up in Emily's office! Moving around the set and cords was quite the obstacle course.
Emily, Elspeth and Anne on set between takes
The fabulous Anne Parker was on set with us, styling materials and directing takes. In between scenes, Anne made sure everything was just right! Check out Anne's styling and aesthetic at @anne_parker and
Elspeth coming out fringe
Elspeth combed out the fringe on the Silk Wrapped Rainbow before filming started. Good hair days apply to macramé too!
Emily and Elspeth mid-filming
That feeling when you ace the scene in one take... just kidding! We usually do a few takes of each scene so we have options in the editing process. There's lots of laughter and play along the way.
Anne helping style the materials
While filming, we keep our eye on the aerial view camera to make sure everything is staying in the shot.
Emily checking lighting on set for the Craft Club filming
Quick break to check the angles of the side camera!
Emily Katz and Elspeth Vance filming for the Modern Macramé Craft Club
That's a wrap!  We can't wait to get knotting with you on the next few months of projects. To begin the Silk Wrapped Rainbow project now, check out our tutorial and kit here. 
Emily and the Modern Macramé Team