Welcome To Our New And Improved Rewards Program, Fiber Friends!

Earn Free Rope in our Fiber Friends Reward Program

We are so excited to thank YOU, our most devoted customers, through our Fiber Friends program. 

If you love getting FREE ROPE you'll want to sign up asap.  You'll earn 1 Knot for every $1 you spend.  Plus, it is easy to join!

Simply, click the button at the bottom of our homepage that says "EARN FREE ROPE" with the Gift Bag icon and follow the prompts to register.  Shopping on Mobile?  You'll be looking for a lavender button that is round with a shopping bag and heart. If you've previously made an account to shop with us or have made a purchase before, use the same email address when making your account.  

Automatically, when you first sign up, you'll get 200 Knots right away.  Only 300 more until you can redeem your first coupon!  You can earn additional Knots for following and sharing about us on Facebook and Instagram as well as referring your friends to our shop. 

Already signed up and wondering how to check your Knots? 

Every time you visit www.modernmacrame.com and click the rewards button located at the bottom of the page, you'll be able to see the balance of your Knots, redeem your Knots, and locate your unique referral link.  



Every time you share your affiliate link with someone (and they complete a purchase) you get a $10 coupon.  Now, how great is that?!  To sweeten the deal, they will get $10 off their first purchase.  

It's a win-win!  

Rope Color Selection of 5mm Cotton Rope

Have questions about your Fiber Friends account or how many Knots you have?  Email us at fulfilled@modernmacrame.com